Monday, September 9, 2019

The TJS Sportsmanship Award

Kimberly Bleecker contacted me about donating a single, giant, custom made rosette to the Jennifer Show.

"I'm sorry I didn't think about this sooner," she said as we were discussing the donation. "There just isn't enough time to have more than one made."

"That's okay," I told her. "I'm sure we can find something amazing to do with it."

And we have. 

Behold: the Jennifer Show Sportsmanship Award.
With some eighty three entrants, no class limits and placings only to fourth, the competition at the Jennifer Show is going to be really, really tough. Most people will win less than they usually win, and some people will probably be shut out completely. Despite this, we're hoping the atmosphere in the show hall will be as fun and friendly as the competition is fierce. This gorgeous ribbon will be awarded by Jennifer Scott and I to the person who best exemplifies the spirit of our big, tough, fun show.
Of course, we aren't leaving it at just a ribbon. There will also be a special set of bronze Notch and Ruffle medallions,
a set of Sue's whimsical bear magnets,
Thank you so much for your generous donation, Kimberly. The Jennifer Show definitely needed a Sportsmanship Award. I can not wait to see who wins it!


  1. Again: I admire your spirit. May it hold up!!

  2. How does one donate to TJS?
    - Grace M.
    (my account is being funky, so I have to comment like this...)