Thursday, September 26, 2019

All the dinosaurs!

The single most anticipated class of the entire Jennifer Show was Jackpot Performance class number four, Dinosaur Performance.
In the months leading up to the show, the TJS Facebook chatter was often dominated by dinosaur talk.
There were times when it drove Jenn a little bit crazy, but what can you do? 
People like dinosaurs!
I always knew that this class would be a success.
Still, I didn't expect this level of awesomeness.
In several cases, the best part of the entry was not the actual dinosaur set-up...
but the documentation.
Check out Elaine Lindelef's bipedal dressage test. It's a classic.
As with all the Jackpot classes, it was hard to pick a favorite, but if you really made me choose...
Laura Skillern's dinosaur on dinosaur freestyle reining entry was the most perfect blend of traditional model horse performance elements...
and more dinosaurs than you could shake a stick at.
So awesome! 
 Sorry/not sorry, Jenn.
I know the whole dinosaur thing got a little bit out of control, but I have no regrets!


  1. Thanks so much for having this class! I was glad that my Ark T-Rex saddle made it to the show!