Monday, September 9, 2019

Bonus championships

In 2016, the Jennifer Show had one performance division with two Overall Champions and Reserve Champions, plus separate recognition for the top Novice and Mini performance showers. That worked well enough, but it was a lot for the judge to keep track of. I decided to drop the Novice and Mini awards for 2019.

I'm pretty sure I told Jenn about this decision, but maybe I didn't. In any event, when the 2019 show packet was released there were mention of Novice and Mini Performance titles. We tried to roll it back , but people had already noticed. At this point we had two options. We could disappoint a few people, or we could add more prizes.

Guess which one we chose.
The top mini and novice performance showers will receive special edition Santana and Myr medallions.
Additionally, the two top mini performance showers will also win these amazing CollectA size trophy halters by Anna Helt of Dreamflite Design.
The leather halter features 'triple stitched' cheeks, Rio Rondo hardware, working tongue buckles, rolled throat...
and a hand carved noseband reading TJS. 
 The rope halter is made from four-strand round braid DMC floss with bronc noseband carved with "TJS" and a flower/oak leaf motif.
They are both tiny and amazing. Thank you, Anna, for sharing your talent with the Jennifer Show Mini Performance showers. I know they're all going to bring their A-games.
I haven't yet decided what I'll give the Novices - if we have any - but I'm sure I'll come up with something. The Jennifer Show prize pool is overflowing. No one is going to go home empty handed! 

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