Monday, September 2, 2019

Hot stuff

Yesterday was almost unbearably hot, and today is even more so. In fact, it's the hottest September day ever in Denver.
I hate this so much.
I did go to the barn to feed Chino, but I didn't ride. 
It's too hot to ride.
It's also too hot to cast medallions.
So, by default, today became a studio day.
Ta da!
In keeping with tradition, we will open both days of the Jennifer Show with a free exhibitor raffle. On Saturday, we will give away a full English tack set by me. On Sunday, Jennifer Scott's gorgeous 2019 NaMoPaiMo model will be up for grabs.
These are some amazing prizes, if I do say so myself. Good luck to all the Jennifer Show entrants. I hope everyone of you goes home with something amazing!


  1. The name of the model your bridle is on is not coming easily to me. Gorgeous!

    1. That is an Anise resin sculpted by Jennifer Scott. Clearly, the Jennifer Show raffle set needed to be built on a Jennifer sculpt.