Friday, July 22, 2016

Horse therapy

When I left California on Monday, I was cautiously optimistic that my sister and I had made enough positive changes to my parents' living situation to allow my Dad to continue living at home.

Still, I worried.

I spent all of Tuesday at home, watching NAN photos and stories come across my Facebook feed. That was a wonderful distraction, and I was ready to spend Wednesday exactly the same way, at least until my kids decided to stage an intervention.

"We think you need to go to the barn," they told me. "You're a lot happier after you spend time there."

Ryan is a reluctant horse person, so his main role was driving the car.
James posed with all the usual... 
and not so usual suspects. 
Once we'd visited all the big horses...
we headed over to see Mahaganaska and her foal, Kenlyn Tesla.
They're sharing their pasture with one of last year's babies, Kenlyn Katrina. These two are the best of friends...
and both of them really, really like people.
James and I took turns... 
taking photos of one another...
while Tesla untied James' shoes... 
and demanded scratches.
 And it turns out my kids were right. I really was a lot happier after I'd visited the barn.
So the next day, I got up bright and early and went riding.
That was good, so I'm going to do it again today. 
The news from home hasn't been good. I am more worried than ever, and I don't know how things are going to work out. Whatever happens, though, I know I'll get through it with help from my family and friends and lots and lots of horse therapy.


  1. Horse therapy is the best therapy, I hope your Dad is okay.

  2. just to wish you and your family the best and hope a difficult situation becomes easier....your blog has helped me keep positive through some tough times and just wanted to let you know that you brighten a lot of peoples lives. thank you

  3. I'm keeping you in my thoughts. Getting to the barn for a bit was a good idea.

  4. What wonderful sons you have that they are looking out for their mama like that! They showed wisdom and maturity beyond their years - you must be very proud of them. And sending good thoughts and prayers your way.