Sunday, January 26, 2020

My NaMoPaiMo sign-up

This morning I got up before sunrise - thank you, never-ending jet lag! - and officially signed up for NaMoPaiMo, In keeping with tradition, I am posting an illustrated version of my registration here.
My name is Jennifer Buxton. I am fifty one years old and live in Aurora, Colorado, USA.
My skill level is Advanced Amateur. This will be my fourth NaMoPaiMo.
I will be painting a Jennifer Scott Zephyrus resin to a shaded black with conservative white markings. I will be using acrylics, pastels, pearl-ex and possibly oils in an effort to make him as un-boring as possible.
This year's NaMoPaiMo is bookended by other big events - my trip to Europe on the front end and BreyerWest on the backside. My main goal is to have a smooth and drama free month, filled with education, excitement and camaraderie. Can we paint them? Yes, I think we can!

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