Friday, January 10, 2020

A visit to CharArt

The Dutch NaMoPaiMo prepping party was originally going to be held at Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko's house in Utrecht. When the number of participants outgrew that space, Charlotte Pijnenburg kindly offered to host it at her home in Middelbeers. 
We gathered in her family's heated Christmas tent, and that proved to be an ideal space for us.
photo courtesy of Charlotte Pijnenburg
Because I'm always interested in seeing how people in other countries live, I was hoping the visit would include a house tour. Happily for me, it did!
Charlotte is one of the hobby's most accomplished tack makers, so I was especially interested in her studio spaces...
she has two!
...and her collection.
Like me, Char mostly collects resins and customs.
Her horses are beautifully displayed in glass cabinets throughout the house.
Most of them are dressed in Char's tack. 
Everything is absolutely gorgeous.
I'd seen her work in pictures, of course, but somehow everything was even more amazing in person.
We spent a little bit of time talking shop. 
Oh, I have things to make - and to buy - when I get home!
I could have lingered in Char's space forever, but there was a party going on outside. Before I knew it, it was back to the tent and back to work, at least for Char. She is making a harness for Tiffany, and even though it's barely started, it's already amazing.
Thank you so much, Charlotte, for hosting the party and sharing your studio with me. I am so inspired!

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  1. I really LOVE the idea of having a hobby get-together in a heated tent!