Wednesday, January 22, 2020

How to paint better

I still have a lot of stories and pictures to share from my trip to Europe, but from this point on, the travelogue is going to have to share space with painting posts. NaMoPaiMo is less than ten days away! Today's post is a timely reminder from Melanie Miller that best way to paint better is to paint more. Thank you, so much Mel!

How to Paint Better

by Melanie Miller

There is a challenge for artists to re-draw an old piece to demonstrate improvement. While that's not super practical for model horses, I did find a reasonably similar piece in my archives to compare with my most recent horse, mini Anise. This Arista resin would have been painted in the early 2000's. For novices, keep in mind I was reasonably proficient at the time, having started seriously painting in the mid 90's. 
People often ask "How do I improve?" thinking there's just information they're missing. But the difference between these two pieces isn't really a knowledge gap that can be filled by someone else. It's time filled with lots and lots of practice. You'll learn tons of small things that add up to big gains during that time; what works best for you, how exactly your media works in detail, a new refined technique here and there, and just overall development of motor skills. All of these things can only be learned from doing, the "how to" basics are always the same. NaMoPaiMo - National Model Painting Month 2020 is almost here, and is a wonderful resource for learning the basics and troubleshooting. If you know the basics, then you already have everything you need to improve, so get practicing!
Registration for NaMoPaiMo 2020 is open until midnight, January 31. If you've ever thought about painting a model, now is the time. Please help us make this the biggest and best NaMoPaiMo ever!

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