Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year

Last night Carol and I dressed up and went to moderately fancy restaurant for dinner.
Then we headed over to Grand Place (Grote Markt) which is the central square of Brussels.
There, we rung in the New Year with several thousand new friends. 
It was cold and confusing but also amazing. A good way to start a new year.
New Year's Day is usually the first day of the NaMoPaiMo sign-up season, and Ryan's website is up and running. Unfortunately, things have gotten away from me. I need to do a few minor edits before I release the link, and, well... I haven't.
Tomorrow, we leave Belgium and head back to Carol's home in Stuttgart. I promise I will work on NaMoPaiMo then!

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  1. Looking forward to participating in NaMoPaiMo for the first time this year after being a long time reader. Enjoy your trip!