Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Winter Warlock

Before I left for Europe, I sent a handful of Michelangelo medallions to some of the hobby's best - and most generous - artists. All of these will be painted and offered for sale, with all proceeds benefiting NaMoPaiMo.
One of those artists was Amanda Brock. Here is what she did with her Michelangelo.
Amanda writes: As soon as I saw him, I immediately knew Michelangelo needed to become a unicorn! After giving him his horn, he was prepped and painted to an intricate star-dappled blue with loads of pearlesence. His starry dapples vary from stark to slightly blended, his mane and tail have lots of hand painted details and fade to and from blue and white! He has lots of painted facial details as well as a glossed eye and inner nostril. His background was achieved using resin, glitter, and pearl pigments to create a starry or snowy night sky. Glitter resin snow has also gathered along the top of the NaMoPaiMo lettering. His horn is also encased in glitter resin and almost looks coated with ice. 
Winter Warlock is currently for sale on Model Horse $ales Pages. Please visit his ad before tomorrow evening to place a bid!
Thank you so much, Amanda.
I can't wait to see what you do with that Hillingar!

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