Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Belgian statuary

The Manneken Pis is, without doubt, the most famous statue in Belgium.
This statue - whose name translates to “little man pee” - was designed by Jerome Duquesnoy and dates back to the early seventeenth century. It's one of the most popular tourist attractions in Brussels, and we visited it on our first day here.
We elbowed our way through the crowd and took the obligatory photos.
And that was pretty much that. One check off the Belgium to do list. No more, no less.
The next day, we bought a "Happy Ticket" to Bruges.
Bruges is the capital and largest city of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium.
We found a number of horse statues there.
This one was my favorite. 
I know it's probably heresy to say this, but I liked this more than the Mannekin Pis. It was just so soothing.
And look what I found behind it! 
Brussels is a wonderful city, and I am so glad the blind booking sent us here. But if you want to see my favorite Belgium horses - both real and statuary - Bruges is the place to be!

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  1. There is definitely something about artsy fountains, isn't there!? No, you're not heretical.