Sunday, January 7, 2018

My NaMoPaiMo sign-up

Last year, NaMoPaiMo registration took place publicly on Facebook. Participants were asked to post a photo of their unpainted model and provide information about their skill level, painting plan and overall goals for the challenge. I took that information and entered it into a spreadsheet.

This year we're using an online registration form connected to a database. It's a much more efficient system, but It's also a lot less fun. Since I know some people are missing the old way, I thought I would post an illustrated version of my sign up here.

So... My name is Jennifer Buxton, and I live in Colorado, USA. 
My skill level is somewhere between intermediate and advanced. For this event, I listed myself as an Advanced Amateur.
My victim is a slightly customized Jennifer Scott Brigid resin.
Brigid will be a mixed media piece, but I plan to use mostly acrylic paint...
 and pastels...
to create a flea-bitten grey coat.
Although completing Brigid will be my primary focus, I also hope to advance and possibly finish these three models.
And because I'm completely delusional, I also think I might paint this Appaloosa. 
Beyond my painting goals, I am looking forward to a month of education, excitement and encouragement. Can it be February already? I can't wait!


  1. Ooohh!! Flea bitten grays are so fun to paint. Take a tooth brush and splash away!

    1. I have never painted one. It's one of those colors that I've always considered super intimidating, but Stephanie Blaylock made it look possible last year. We'll see.


  2. I'm a total novice.....but I'm going for flea bitten grey too. I'm going to read all the tutorials be for starting. Especially Stephanie's.