Friday, January 17, 2020

A photo tour with Breyer_Realistic_Pictures

One of the highlights of the German NaMoPaiMo prepping party was the photo tour with Helena Ruppert of Breyer_Realistic_Pictures.
Helena took us out in small groups to a field across the road from the Himmelmann family home. My group consisted of myself,  Jasmin Ruhland and Janine Metzler.
We chose a spot and "prepared" it by stomping the grass down with our feet.
We placed the model in the prepared spot, and then prepared it a little bit more by removing  extra long blades of grass and out of scale leaves.
Then Helena stepped back - way back! - and got down - way down! - and started taking pictures.
All her photos are taken with a Canon equipped with a long lens.
Photographing the photographer.
She took a few photos, looked them over and made adjustments if needed.
This one's a keeper!
After Bubbles, she took pictures of Jasmin's custom pegasus.
Jasmin held it up in the air, first by the back legs... 
then by the front.
 This is the result. Amazing!
Thank you so much, Helena. I can't wait to go out and put some of your tips into use!


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  2. You sure are getting to do the interesting things! Very cool -- and inspiring.

  3. Ok, that pegasus photo is incredible! Wow!