Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Last hurrah

Today was my last full day in Europe. The morning was spent in Stuttgart. I introduced Carol to my new favorite craft store and made a few last purchases.
My suitcases are overflowing, but this is small. I'm sure I'll be able to squeeze it in!
The day's main event, however, was a trip to Marbach Stud in Gomadingen.
Marbach Stud is Germany's oldest state-run stud farm, with a history that dates back over five hundred years. 
Visitors are welcome to walk through the barns, and we did that.
Unfortunately, Tuesday afternoon in mid-January isn't the best time to visit Marbach. The museum and gift shop were closed, and most of the horses were tucked away in stalls. Other than a riding lesson in the indoor arena, not much was happening.
Still, it was a nice, laid-back way to spend a couple hours. I hope to go back someday when it's a little more lively.
I can't believe my time here is all but over. It's been a really wonderful twenty eight days. 
As happy as I am to be heading home, I know that by this time tomorrow I will already be missing Stuttgart, Europe and especially, Carol.


  1. What an INCREDIBLE trip you have had... so many wonderful places and experiences and best of all, time with your bestie! I didn't know (but should have) that you would work in so many hobby events but I'm sure you've been thrilled with all of those, too. I know you know how fortunate you are and your wonderful network certainly paid off! :)

    1. It's a running joke between Carol and I that wherever we go, I always have "a friend with a horse" to visit. Often the horses are of the plastic variety, but still... :D

      And today's visit to Marbach was actually a suggestion from a blog reader. Thank you, Alexa. That was a really good outing for my last day.