Wednesday, January 15, 2020

A visit to Seefeld Studio

Instead of driving straight home from Austria yesterday, we stopped at Buchau to eat dinner with Kim Brandner and her family.
Carol, Kassandra, Yara, Kim and Jennifer
While we were there, I took a few photos of Kim's collection.
Most of the finished horses live in the living room.
Kim's Boreas is Dhaulagiri's little brother!
The unpainted horses are stabled upstairs.
Kim's winter work space is the sunny corner of the kitchen.
That's a Kylee Parks Zephyr medallion in progress.
Last year, Kim won top honors in the Amateur division of Kylee's MPCC competition with this Takeshi. Isn't he amazing?
More horses on the counter...
and a dish of Borises on the table. 
There are horses behind the house, too. This is Kim's mare, Wega. She is half Hanoverian and half Friesian.
And this little darling is Wehappy, who just might be the cutest pony ever.
Thank you so much for everything, Kim.  I am so honored to call you my friend!


  1. just binge read your whole blog from start to finish. You are awesome.I learned so much. I do oilpaintings and Wood Carving as a hobby, with recently modeling in apoxie but my tackmaking was.....Now i started again and it is so much better already. I blame you.(:-) And now today i arrived at the newest blog month and i learn you are in Germany! Wow thats were i live. As i see you had a blast.
    I live near Nürnberg. If there is anything i can help you with, while you are here, please just ask. I would love to give something back to you for your wonderful blog and the Things you do for the modelhorse Hobby.

    Do you know About the Staatsgestüt Marbach?
    It is a hour drive from Stuttgart. You can go visit the horses by yourself or take a tour.
    As i am over 50 not very into Computers and this is my first comment on a blog, i have no idea whether this will work or if i did something wrong??.
    Anyway Have fun !

    1. I am currently in France! We go back to Carol's house tomorrow, and I leave on Wednesday. That gives us just one more German day to fill. I googled Staatsgestüt Marbach, and it looks amazing. I'll see what Carol thinks. Thank you for the suggestion! I wish I could have met you while I was here.

    2. Yes! It sounds like we'll definitely go there on Tuesday. Do you have any advice for us? Google translate and I did the best we can with the website. It sounds like no reservations are required?

    3. Ok i try my best First of all there are seven Little cities were horses are boarded. the most central is the Gestüt itself at Marbach that is Postal Code 72532 Gomadingen. The parking lot ist at the other side of the Gestü can visit anytime , no reservations needed, walk around the pastures, look into the Barns, but as i remember the Barns close at noon for two Hours. I was last April and they had already quite big foals. You are allowed to pet them not sure if there are any this early in the year if you go in the Gestüt the left side are Barns and pastures, and on the Right side not that easy to see there is a big exercise hall. Sometimes there is Training. People are very nice just ask. Uh there probably is not much Eating or drinking places nearby at this time of the year. The Mares get out every day. The stallions i did not see outside. But Maybe that varies. the other cities are a few miles spread and board part of the Offspring and stallions, but it is not as easy to Access you have to walk at least a mile to get there. Thats why i recommend the Marbach part. I hope this did make any sense at all. If you have any Questions please feel free to ask. I can call them for you if you need to know something special. And yes i would love to have met you. Maybe next time. You never know...if it is easier my email is