Friday, January 10, 2020

Introducing Michelangelo

This year's NaMoPaiMo medallion was unveiled at the Dutch prepping party last Saturday.
The response was overwhelmingly positive, which is no surprise. This guy's gorgeous.
Michelangelo is a large bas relief medallion sculpted by Kylee Parks of Studio Thornrose.
He is based off a picture of Ben Atkinson and his horse, Avalon. The photo was taken by Emily Harrison and is used with permission.
I know I say this every year, but Kylee has outdone herself. I absolutely love this guy!
And look: Here's the first painted Michelangelo! 
Bay Michelangelo is a benefit piece by Stephanie Blaylock. He will be offered for sale in the net couple weeks, with all profits going towards event costs. Thank you, Stephanie Blaylock, for once again donating your time and talent to NaMoPaiMo!
Thank you, also to Kylee, for Michelangelo and everything else.