Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Diary of a needle felted horse

As promised, here's another wonderful article about needle felting from Tomás Varela. Enjoy!

Diary of a Needle Felted Horse

by Tomás Varela

All my sculptures start out as  a shapeless mound of wool on a copper wire armature. I bought this book at a charity shop for £2 and it's been a huge help - the pictures are clear and just the right size to allow me to compare proportions!
30 minutes in: The armature done. 
1 hour 15 minutes: I'm starting to build up the basic body shape.
2 hours 15 minutes: More building up.
4 hours: Still building up and starting to smooth out and add detail with Merino top coat. I've started work on the legs as well.
5 hours 30 minutes: I ran out of Merino and had to order some more!
9 hours 30 minutes: He has a face! The eyes are made of glass. I bought a big pile of them when I first started needle felting. They come in amber and blue. I usually add a bit more detail before gluing them in. I've also starting to work on his fleabites whenever I get bored of sculpting his body. 
I felt bad about his lack of ears so I added those, too!
12 hours 30 minutes: He's really starting to look like a horse! I make the hooves from milliput, which is a two part epoxy similar to Apoxie Sculpt. I sand and paint them before gluing them onto the model's feet.
16 hours: At this point I decided I wasn't happy with the ears so I pulled them out and redid them. He's ready for his top coat.
18 hours 15 minutes: The horse is mostly finished now. He just needs some smoothing out and blending of the fleabites. Any stray fibres will be carefully burned off with a lighter.
19 hours: He's done!
Meet Mochi, the Percheron. 
My tiny man!


  1. That is SO cool and I love how poseable he is! You are doing an amazing job. I really need to try making the dog model I bought the supplies for...

  2. Wow he's Amazing brilliant work