Monday, January 13, 2020

A visit to Equine Art by Ilona Himmelmann

The German NaMoPaiMo prepping party was held at the Himmelmann family home in Gauangelloch near Leimen.
Most of the action took place in the main house...
photo by Kim Brandner
but we also got to tour Ilona and Katja's apartments, both of which are filled with horses. These models - all of whom were created by Ilona - are stabled in her living room.
I love this one so much
We climbed the stairs to Ilona's loft studio.
 Her work is beautiful, well-lit and well stocked.
And horses are everywhere. 
Look at this guy. 
Just look at him! 
I had heard of Ilona before my trip to Germany. I'd liked her Facebook page and followed her on Instagram. Still, I was unprepared for the quality and precision of her customizing.
In particular, I was absolutely blown away by her manes and tails.
Just look at this! 
Thank you so much, Ilona and Katja, for hosting the NaMoPaiMo party and inviting us into your homes. It was a wonderful day, and I will treasure my little Ilona pony forever!

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