Tuesday, April 13, 2010


About a year and a half ago, I went to a model horse swap meet and came home with a bag of resin body parts. I joked about turning the Boreas parts into bookends...
but I opted to fix him up instead. I documented the reunifying process in this post dated November 17, 2008.
I'm better at repairs than I am at painting. As soon as Boreas was back in one piece he took up residence on the unpainted shelf in my basement. Although he gathered dust for more than a year, I hadn't forgotten him. I'm always interested in trading tack for high quality paintwork, and I figured eventually the right opportunity would present itself.

Earlier this year, it did!
Boreas--now called Dhaulagiri--came home yesterday with this wonderful dapple grey paintjob courtesy of Mindy Berg. Be sure to check out the in-progress picture of him on her website: http://www.sprucemtnstudio.com/ . So cute!
So why "Dhaulagiri"? I really wanted to name him after a mountain, and Dhaulagiri is both the seventh highest mountain in the world and the name of a horse in a Dick Francis novel. I apologize in advance to every judge and scribe who will have to stumble through the spelling and pronunciation. I usually select easier names, but this time I couldn't resist!
I still think he would have made the coolest bookends ever, but on the whole, I'm quite pleased with the results of this particular Resin Rehab!


  1. I love your blog. Every time I visit, I receive some sort of wonderful surprise, and this time I am completely Wowwed!! Wow, he is INCREDIBLE. I can't believe you were able to seamlessly put him back together like that with wire!! (Of course, I have never seen a bag of resin horse parts like that either...so I am clueless when it comes to the work you are doing.) And that paint job is fabulous! Dhaulagiri is exquisite, as is his name. Will you make any custom tack for him (in all of your spare time)? :)

  2. Wow...
    My goodness there are easier ways to repair resin! And not have to work with that wire covering afterwards, but this obviously and spectacularly worked for you and Mindy!

  3. buckpony--thanks so much! Dhaulagiri has told me he really wants a white leather bridle, but we'll have to see on that...

    Linda--I had several people tell me that I was working way too hard after that original post, but honestly, the repair wasn't all that time cosuming. He went together very easily and is extremely solid now. I don't think anyone would guess that he used to be in two pieces!

  4. I remember that sale... I can't recall what *I* brought home though! So glad you put the bookend boy back in one piece! (And yes, it would have ROCKED to have him as a set of bookends!)

  5. What a transformation! He's gorgeous - the amount of expression is amazing. Can't wait to see what sort of tack he gets eventually. That white bridle sure would be sharp. (grin)

  6. That's an amazing transformation - I can't believe how smoothly you were able to put him all back together. I love the paint job - the warm tones in his name and tail really set off his coat color.

  7. You did a great job, beautiful results!