Monday, March 9, 2015

Pictures from today's ride

The trails around Kenlyn are filled with wildlife, perhaps the most notable of which is the bald eagle. We see eagles on at least half our rides, but frustratingly, never when I have my good camera. It's become a joke of sorts. The best way to guarantee an eagle sighting is for me to leave my camera at home.

Today--finally!--that changed.  

This big eagle flew over our heads and landed atop a tree right next to the trail.
I was so excited, I started snapping away before I even had a clear shot. 
The eagle wasn't the least bit bothered by our presence, 
and Santana stood patiently as I shot one photo... 
after another. 
It's taken me more than a year to get these pictures... 
but I think they were worth the wait!


  1. That is great, Jennifer!!!! I don't blame your excitement and shooting before you have a clear picture, I'd probably do that, too. You got some fantastic shots.

    1. I was so sure he was going to fly away! Instead, he stayed and stayed. In fact, he was still sitting in the same place on our way home.

  2. Stunning! Are you going to Breyerfest 2015 this year? This will be my first year, and I will be showing as a children's shower. I had a few questions that weren't totally confirmed by the information they give you, and was wondering if you could answer them? You are a very inspiring tack maker!

    1. There is a small (tiny!) chance I will make it to Breyerfest this year. If I do, it will be my first time. As such, I'm not really qualified to answer Breyerfest questions. Sorry!

    2. Well, your spirit lives through Breyerfest with all the help you've given to other tackmakers😉

  3. amazing pictures!! and what a gorgeous bird

  4. I have always wondered how you manage to bring a big DSLR out riding with you. The pictures are marvelous! Congrats!