Sunday, November 11, 2018

Dog park Sunday

We woke up to a couple inches of new snow this morning.
Seth decided to take the girls to the dog park. I didn't have anything else to do, so I tagged along.
Despite - or perhaps because of - the weather, the dog park was a happening place.
There were lots of dogs...
and lots...
of dog coats!
My fluffy girls don't need dog coats.
Darcy enjoyed playing with all the other dogs.
Emma isn't as sociable. She doesn't really like other dogs, so her "play" mostly consists of running around the outside of the pack...
and barking.
The only dog she really wants to play with is Darcy.
Poor Darcy.
Seth doesn't like crowds either so he headed off to parts unknown.
The girls went with him at first...
but they came back to me eventually.
Good girl, Darcy.
Good girl, Emma.
On the way back, Emma decided she wanted to "play" with Darcy again.
Poor Darcy.
"Go away, Emma."
"I don't want to play with you!"
That was a good way to start my day. Now I am back in my studio, waiting for inspiration. Waiting. Waiting...


  1. If I need inspiration I clean something. If that doesn't work, I look at pictures of...something...

  2. Most of the time I´m a cat fan but I love your girls. They are so cute.