Wednesday, November 14, 2018

My favorite person

Right now I am riding three grey horsesThis isn't a problem for me. They look - and ride - completely different, and there is zero chance I will ever forget whose ears I'm looking through.
However, it has been confusing for some of the people at the barn. The other day, I was leading Santana back to the gelding field. We stopped to talk to one of the newer boarders, and she asked if he was Pearl.

"No, this is Santana," I said, "He's my favorite." Then I paused and added. "Not necessarily my favorite to ride, but he's..." my voice tailed off as I struggled to define my feelings for Santana

"Your favorite person?" Amy asked. 

"Yes, that's it," I said. 
And he is. Santana is my favorite person, who also happens to be a horse!

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