Sunday, August 13, 2017

BreyerFest Sunday

Sunday was the last day of BreyerFest.
There are no model horse  shows on Sunday, so Sandra, Tiffany and I slept in a little before heading to the Horse Park to see Fabian ride in the covered arena.
He was mounted on a borrowed horse and rode with a sidesaddle group. 
Good job, Fabian! 
 We watched a few more horse acts...
then Sandra and Melanie literally linked arms and skipped...
to the International Museum of the Horse.
Twenty years had passed since my last trip to the Museum, but some displays looked exactly, eerily the same.
Others, including the Affirmed exhibit, were brand new, at least to me.
There aren't even words for how much I loved the Affirmed exhibit. <3
I took lots of tack pictures, 
Melanie geeked out over the anatomical displays... 
and Sandra fact checked the documentation.
After we'd walked through the main museum, we spent some time touring the Al-Marah Arabian Horse Gallery.
I took lots of tack pictures there, too. 
We also made a quick visit to the Man O' War exhibit...
then it was back to the covered ring for more horses and the Sunday raffle.
I'd bought tickets for this one.
I really, really wanted to win, so I asked Tiffany to rub them against her lucky... assets. 
I wasn't the only person who wanted a piece of those... assets. 
Alas, none of my tickets were selected. Several of my friends were luckier. Erin Corbett, Sarah Townsend and Kylee Parks all won a Rangoli.
After the raffle, Tiffany, Sandra and I went to the American Saddlebred Museum.
Sandra and I rode the rocking horses...
and Tiffany visited her favorite painting. Some day there will be a Purdy horse that looks like this. 
We said goodbye to Horse Park and went out to dinner at a really wonderful barbecue restaurant. 
Sandra ate brisket for the first time and had a religious experience. This resulted in free pie for everyone.
Sunday was probably the least eventful day of BreyerFest, but it was also, I think, the best day. There was no high drama, just a lot of good moments with a lot of great people. I can truly say I enjoyed every moment of BreyerFest Sunday.

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