Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Brand loyalty

Brands are ubiquitous in the horse world. 
They're so common, in fact, I've spent most my life barely noticing them.
Then I discovered that my friend, Fabian, has an extreme brand phobia.
This is ironic, considering his favorite breed is the Andalusian...
and he owns a horse with not one...
but two brands.
Now, every time I see a horse with a noticeable brand, I snap a picture and send it to Fabian.
This one is his favorite.
I have spent the last couple weeks painting a cowhorse, and it occurred to me that my cowhorse needed a brand. I've never painted a brand on a horse, so I asked for advice on the NaMoPaiMo Facebook page.
A few kind hobbyists offered guidance and support.
Then Fabian saw the post.
Things got interesting.
Last night, I gathered my references...
Amazing painted brand by Melanie Miller
and printed a template.
This morning, I woke up bright and early and started the branding. Of course, I had to share my progress with Fabian.
He was not impressed.
A few hours later, Moosifer's brand is nearly complete.
I like it.
Secretly I know Fabian likes it, too.
Look! He's even creating a whole series of brands for Eyeball Veinz all his resins!
Oh, that was fun! I think I'm going to brand all my horses now!


  1. Our ranch brand was K-. K-bar was how we said it. We branded calves untill we got all registered cows who had ear tatoos

  2. You know this could be a GREAT way for artists to sign.....could even be underneath but registered like real brands

    1. That's a GREAT idea! I sign all my artwork, and sometimes checks, with a very stylized dove figure, one line,
      practically impossible to replicate. It is sort of like a brand, and I even have a pendant made from a single silver wire of it. I think I'll sign my pieces this way!
      Thanks for the idea! Dove

  3. I'm laughing out loud. This is the first time I've compared you to Cake Wrecks. (this is a compliment.)

    As for brands: I'm the person who signed their NMPM horse with an actual tattoo (pinholes with drafting ink). Your brands look lovely.

  4. You guys are hysterical - thanks for the laugh, Jennifer and Fabian!

  5. This is hilarious XD
    Also, my NaMoPaiMo baby is almost done! But dumb me forgot to send in a selfie while she was primed >_<