Thursday, February 23, 2017

NaMoPaiMo showcase - Sondra Householder

I really love start-to-finish progression photos, so expect a lot of these in the next week or two. This one comes from Sondra Householder. Thank you so much for sharing, Sondra!

My NaMoPaiMo Experience

by Sondra Householder

When I first heard about NaMoPaiMo, I had just finished the customizing portion of my Cleveland Bay Stablemate. 
I decided to paint her for the challenge.
To make things easier while painting, I drill a tiny hole somewhere that I can touch up when it's all done. I superglue a paper clip in the hole and use that as a handle. I usually put it in the tail in such a way that the models still stands up. When I have finished, I cut off the clip, carefully grind off the bur, then touch up the area.
Originally, I had no plans to deviate from my usual process. I just wanted motivation to get her finished before her first show. Little did I know how immersed I would become in this event. 
I found myself checking Facebook constantly to see how others were doing, basking in the likes and encouragement, and learning new tips and tricks. I took advantage of so many other eyes to help me over a few humps (thanks so much Karen Beeson, Christina Riley, Kalah Fearn), as I hope I helped fellow artists past their own rough spots. I also hope my local painting circle will continue to meet, sharing our projects and varied interests.
Technical difficulties started me on the path to painting in a new medium, gaining a level of control and intention my previous methods didn't provide. As much as I like the results of pigment, I feel a combination of airbrush and pigment will be my future method. There comes a point when dullcote obscures the details...strategic wet paint will lower the number of layers. Christina Capozzi Riley and Isaac Brushett suggested several higher grade brands, which will also reduce layers, thank you so much.
Here is my finished model. 
Her name is RD Sanguine... I think!
Well, I could go on and on about what a great time I had and how awesome this challenge was and how great maintaining this enthusiasm would be and all the shout outs and thank yous deserved... Jennifer, I don't care what they say about you, you are awesome!! 
Lol, Sondra! I think you're awesome, too. And what exactly have they been saying about me?!


  1. She is even prettier in person!

  2. OMG what an adorable model! And I like this mold but that back leg drives me nuts, too.