Friday, September 23, 2016

Raffling the Rajahs

We wanted to start our show with a bang, so the first order of business on Saturday, before we even called the first classes, was to give away those awesome Rajahs. 
This was an entrants only raffle. The only way to "buy" a ticket was to enter the show. 
We drew for the chestnut first. 
And the winner is... Meredith Warren. 
Meredith drove all the way from California to attend this show and was, perhaps, the only person in the hall who liked the chestnut more than the pinto. How wonderful that she got bring him home with her! 
I could feel the tension building as we drew for the pinto. This is the horse everyone wanted, and although I love the proxy entrants, too, I was really hoping he would go to someone in the room... He did! 
photo by Jennifer Scott
Both Meredith and Heather showed their new horses in the Artist Resin division. Both did well, but the pinto, who was now named Dumb Luck, did really, really well.  
He was the AR Light Breed Champion in the Breed division and ended winning the AR Overall Reserve Champion, again in Breed. 
photo by Jennifer Scott
Congratulations, Meredith and Heather! We are so happy for you!


  1. They were both beautiful and I'm glad the lucky winners were at the show! :)

    Suggestion: Can you please explain for those of us unfamiliar with live show awards, the system by which your colorful 3-D and flat horse head sculptures were awarded? I'm seeing them all over and don't know what they represented. The ribbons and NAN cards I "get" but not the rest. Thank you! :)

  2. In a nutshell, the blue and red "Potato Chip" medallions were awarded to the first and second place class winners. There were different shades for Breed and Workmanship. The judges and Jennifers also had a supply of different colored Potato Chips to give to entries they loved, regardless of placing. The "Husband" busts were prizes for division champs. They came in Blue (Champ) and Red (Reserve Champ), again in different shades for Breed and Workmanship.

  3. Both the Rajahs are beautiful, but that chestnut! Wow, what a gorgeous one!