Thursday, June 2, 2016

Donations! Donations! Donations!

We've received some absolutely wonderful donations for the Jennifer Show, but none is more amazing than this bone china Rosita from Horsing Around. She will be custom glazed by Karen Gerhardt and offered at auction later this year. This one will be worth saving your pennies for. I just know she's going to be spectacular.
But that's not all! We also received this adorable mini scale Woolly Willem resin from Josine Vingerling.
Josine is perhaps best known for her finishwork, but her sculpting is just as impressive.
Just look at the detail and character in Willem's wee little face! 
Last but not least, Rachel Fail sent no less than seven trophy breastcollars. These are entirely hand carved and painted. No stamps were used. 
Six of them will be awarded to the Other, English and Western performance champions. The seventh gets to stay here with me, because Rachel is just that awesome
Thank you so much to Horsing Around, Josine Vingerling and Rachel Fail for supporting the Jennifer Show. With your help, this is going to be the best show ever!

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