Thursday, June 30, 2016

Alaina's TJS donations, part one

Ten years ago, Alaina Richardson's Bookshelf Barns was the number one name in model horse props.
I had just started showing again, and I could not get enough of Alaina's work. I would spend hours refreshing her eBay page, hoping to be the first to hit "Buy It Now" after each listing. I wasn't fast enough to get them all, but I got my share.
And every single one of my Bookshelf Barns props is as LSQ now as it was ten years ago.
Alaina's work is harder to come by these days, so I was absolutely delighted when she offered to send a big box of props to the Jennifer Show. It arrived today...
and I can not believe...
all the wonderful things... 
she sent! 
This trail bridge... 
is also a water box! 
These live show reference sheets are perfect for novice and experienced showers alike. 
And these gymkhana sets! 
Oh, how I love these!
Each set contains all the necessary props and documentation to create an interesting and unique gaming entry.
 As someone who has judged approximately three bazillion egg and spoon entries in the last five years, nothing makes me happier than encouraging variety in the games class!
This is by no means the entire contents of the box. I'm saving the bigger items for another day, when the light is better. Trust me, they deserve the best photos I can take! Thank you again, Alaina. Your talent is matched only by your generosity.


  1. I have a need for some of that..

  2. Wow!!!! Mind is entirely blown!!!
    Also I sent u an email with questions regarding TJS. Hope u got that!

    1. Sorry, it has been a really weird and busy week. I will answer soon@

  3. No worries just wanted to make sure it went through ok. Those games props are super creative I love the gymkhana jump too!

  4. I too am a huge Bookshelf Barns/Alaina LOL (Still have all mine too) I'm so delighted to see the lovely things she sent for the show!!!