Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Pictures from yesterday's ride

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful spring day, and my kids surprised me by asking to go riding with me. Fortunately, I had three quiet horses at my disposal...
Photo by Kristina Sommer
so we drove to the barn, saddled up...
and headed out! 
photo by Ryan Buxton
The first half of the ride was pleasant and uneventful.
We went to the creek crossing...
rode through it and  circled back. 
Ryan isn't normally a confident rider, but he looked happy and relaxed on Santana's back.
Chino requires a little more direction than Santana, but he's comfortably within James' skill set.
Unfortunately, the ride home wasn't quite as smooth as the ride out. Santana, who has been on and off gimpy most of this year, was suddenly and completely sound. He unleashed his big horse walk and nobody could keep up.
Goodbye, Ryan and Santana! 
 It was nice knowing you.
Meanwhile, Chino decided to walk home really slowly... 
and made frequent unauthorized forays into the tall spring grass. 
This was extremely frustrating for James.
One child happy.
One child sad. 
Eventually, Santana slowed down a little...
and Chino stopped being such a pill.
We rode back into Kenlyn together--tired, hot and, in my case at least, happy. It may not have been a perfect ride, but it felt perfect to me.
Looks perfect, too
I am so thankful for those kids and those horses. Yesterday was really wonderful. I am so lucky.


  1. How awesome that both of your sons, Ryan especially, wanted to go for a ride with you. Maybe there's help for him, yet! ;). I'm glad you had nice weather, but bummer about the difficult horses. Hahaha

    1. In retrospect, James and I should have switched horses for the ride home. He was dealing with Chino really well, so I didn't realize how frustrated he was until we got back to the barn.

    2. Sounds like he was wanting to work through the issues with Chino on his own. Hopefully it won't discourage him from asking to ride again.

  2. Looks so fun. I love the photo with James looking fed up and Chino looking sassy with a mouthful of grass.