Saturday, June 11, 2016

Anne's TJS donation

One of the first things Jennifer Scott and I did when we began planning the Jennifer Show was to make a list of our judging dream team. In regards to the performance division, Anne Field's name was right at the top of the list.
Sadly, we weren't able to make that happen, but Anne is still an unofficial member of the Jennifer Show staff. She is also a major donor. Here's a look at some of the wonderful things she's donated to our show.
First and foremost, there is this absolutely lovely Western Pleasure doll. She shows all of Anne's usual attention to detail and is made on a wonderfully pose-able Zica Yvonne body. 
The doll alone would have been an outstanding donation, but Anne didn't stop there. She also sent a selection of goodies from her Etsy shop, including a whole bunch of horse show food...
and four pairs of splint boots.  
Anne says she's not a tack maker, but these are pretty wonderful. They fit well, look great and are super easy to use.
And then there's the tote bags... I have to admit that these are my favorites. I love them so much, and I am so glad the green one gets to stay here with me. I think I'm going to keep my Jennifer Show breastcollar in it!
Thank you so much for all the wonderful things, Anne. I still wish you could have attended the Jennifer Show in person, but I know you will be there in spirit!


  1. I will definitely be there in spirit! I can't wait to see ALL the prize from TJS together in one photo. We do get to see that don't we?

    1. I will try to stage some epic photo shoots closer to the show date, when most of the donations are here. Although by that time, I expect there will be too much to fit in one photoo!


  2. Windwalker175@att.netJune 11, 2016 at 7:24 PM

    These are awesome. I live the bags too.