Monday, June 13, 2016

New plan

I have two long shelves of unpainted resins gathering dust in my basement.
Not all of them, not even close
At one point, I thought I would paint them myself, but that didn't work out so well. Then I started sending them to Tiffany, which worked a lot better, at least for me. Unfortunately, I have too many horses for any single artist, even one as bribe-able prolific as Tiffany. I made a few sporadic attempts to cultivate another painter, but I have champagne taste on a beer budget. Finding someone with open books whose work I liked and could afford seemed like an impossible task. After awhile, I kind of gave up on it...
Still not all of them, still not close
but that didn't stop from adding new horses to the shelf!
This has become a source of frustration to me, so when Dolittle arrived last month, I decided to try something different. 
Instead of adding her to the basement collection, I spent a couple days researching artists with open books and beer budget prices. I knew what color I wanted her to be, so I focused on painters who had good examples of mealy bay in their portfolios. In the end, I decided to go with Angelica Nelson.
This was a leap of faith for me, because I'd never seen Angelica's work in person.
Fortunately, it worked out perfectly. 
I could not be more pleased with my new little pony girl.
Who knew the solution to my unpainted resin problem was this simple? I think I'm going to go downstairs and choose another resin to send to another painter!
Thank you, Angelica, not just for the pony, but also for restoring my faith in new-to-me painters!

P.S. Cute pony needs a cute name. All suggestions are welcome.


  1. You should call her "Champagne From Beer" or "Champagne" for short!

  2. Replies
    1. Hmmmmmm. She does look like a Button.

    2. Kinda does, show name could be buttons and bows

  3. She looks like she should have a riding school name, like Bramble, or Thistle. She's adorable!

  4. SHE'S SOOO CUTE!!!!!
    Hugs N Kisses
    Darling In Dapples
    Cute As A Button
    Cutest Button
    UnBAYrably Darling
    Dreaming Of Love
    Lil' Love Dove
    Slumber Party
    Oso Darling
    Sent from Above
    Sleap Of Faith

    In Honor of Angela:
    My Lil' Angel
    Lil' Dappled Angel
    Angel In Dapples
    Angelic Dreams
    A New Faith (In new artists)
    Faithful promises
    Designer Dapples

  5. You can't go wrong with Angelica Nelson. I had no trouble naming my curio Totilas by Angelica - "Nelson"! ;o)

  6. She looks like a Truffle to me!
    I love mealy bays and she's just adorable!

  7. She's gorgeous!
    Could be a 'Star' or a flower name like 'Lavender'.

    Although I usually do not approve of giving animals food names, I think Chocolate could be cute, or Chocolate Buttons.

  8. Oh those are cute too!
    Maybe you could combine all three and call her
    Angelica's Chocolate Truffle(s)
    Truffle Kisses
    Chocolate Truffle(s)
    Pippa (If not a truffle I think she looks like a Pippa)
    Heaven's Last Truffle
    Heaven's Last Angel

    She looks so peaceful..maybe a name like

  9. You also could name her after one of Angelica's exotic snakes if you wanted to? She has a website that is dedicated to them that you can get to from her artist website. Some of them have cute names. (just a thought)

  10. She looks like she is relaxed, has found a safe haven. One of Angelica's snakes is named Haven. Quite don't you call he Lil' Safe Haven or Angelica's Safe Haven or something like that?

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