Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sculpting with Sue

Sue Sifton may have been a little late for her sculpting workshop at last weekend's Models in the Mountains, but once there, she started the class straightaway. The first order of business was building an armature.
These were made from three pieces of wire, joined together with two sections of alternating twists.
Sue measured and bent the wires to correspond with various joints. Then she fleshed out the body and neck with aluminum foil. 
Between each step, the armature was carefully checked against the reference. Ideally, this would be a real horse or a non-distorted side view photo. Since we didn't have either on hand, we used other models.
That looks good!
The last step was to wrap the entire armature with fine wire. This gives the clay something to stick to.
Voila! One armature ready for clay!
Sue spent the rest of the workshop making armatures...
and offering advice to the serious sculptors...
and encouragement to the beginners.
Slowly but surely, horses...
and dragons came into being.
While I was waiting for my armature, I decided to try my hand at sculpting a medallion. 
photo by Corina Roberts
It turned out much better than I'd expected, but I was still a little nervous when Sue came over for a critique.
I shouldn't have been. She was so nice and so encouraging. For a moment there, I actually felt like a real sculptor!
In addition to the critique, she also gave me a Flash sized amature.
Here it is with a little clay. 
Despite evidence to the contrary, Ryan insists he has no artistic ability. He resisted the clay for a long time, but eventually he also took the plunge.
He made a dog...
and a fire hydrant and some weird little medallion thing.
Most importantly, he had a lot of fun.
We all did.
photo by Corina Roberts.
If you ever have a chance to attend one of Sue's workshops, don't hesitate. Sue is a wonderfully knowledgeable and positive teacher. I truly can't say enough good things about this experience.
Thanks you again, Corina and Sue. Thank you! Thank you!

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