Monday, June 6, 2016

BreyerWest Monday

Officially, BreyerWest ended Sunday evening when the 2016 Northwest Horse Fair and Expo drew to a close. For a few of us, however, there was still one more day of BreyerWest fun to look forward to. 
Instead of flying home to Denver, I drove back to Portland with Leah and spent the night with Erin and Olive.
I met the Roxies...
and slept soundly in Olive's adorable pony bed. 
The next morning, Erin and I met Sandra, Barb and Heather for brunch at Pine State Biscuits.
After that, we embarked on Erin's eclectic Portland tour.
This involved a lot of stops...
at all kinds of stores... 
and eateries.
photo by Heather Malone
We bought chocolate...
and beauty supplies... 
and lingered over bitters... 
and salt. 
In honor of Mackenzie, we engaged in a lot of dogspotting... 
and spent some time (and money) at this dog themed cafe.
Leah joined us partway through the tour, which made a good day even better.  
BreyerWest Monday was off to a great start, and the best was yet to come!


  1. Milk Chocolate Pony Truffles!
    OMG - How Adorable!

    1. Some of those came home with me. They tasted almost as good as they looked!

  2. Looks like a fun time. The Java Hound amuses me. Everything says dog, but then there's a cat silhouette on the window.

  3. WHY are chocolate covered ponies not a thing here?????

    1. chocolate ponies, no coverings necessary.

    2. I would have bought some for the Jennifer Show, but there was zero chance they would have lasted that long without being eaten.