Thursday, June 9, 2016

Purple rein

Right after Sue left yesterday, the mailman brought me the most amazing box of Jennifer Show donations from my friend, Anne Field.
This is a hint
I'm not ready to share all the wonderful things inside the box. That's a post for another day.
This is another hint
Instead, I'm focusing on perhaps the least impressive donation of the bunch--this humble set of purple reins. 
Anne won these at the MEPSA Championship Show. She liked them just fine, but her show colors are pink and royal blue. She had no use for purple anything, so she decided to pass them along to me. 

The timing couldn't have been better. I was riding a wave of inspiration brought on by Sue's collection of braided bridles and bosals. I looked at those reins, one thing led to another and this happened:
I made a lot of bridles like this early in my tackmaking career, but they've been few and far between in recent years. It felt good to break out the embroidery floss and weave all those knots.
Thank you so much to Anne Field not just for her generous donations, but also for helping me break free of my post Springamathing tack making slump. I know some lucky Jennifer Show entrant is going to love this bridle with those purple reins!


  1. It's so great to see those reins doing more than sitting in my tack box!

  2. This is a happy idea and I'm tickled to have done something similar with my Hart headstall! Purple is one of my favorite tack colors. Good luck showers!