Sunday, June 5, 2016

Looking back

I never quite finished my BreyerWest series, which is weird because that was one of the best weekends of my entire life. Chalk it up to blogging fatigue or perhaps a subconscious desire to prolong the event. Either way, it's time to finally wrap up the Oregon adventure!
As things began to wind down on Sunday, there were a number of extra Breyers in need of homes. Some were unsold leftovers from the Cascade booth, others came from my halter workshop.
A group of us, led by Leah Koerper, began distributing them to random children.
We started in the stablemate painting area... 
then moved outside to the pony ride area.
Searching for just the right victim. 
You would think it's easy to give away Breyers at a Horse Expo, but it actually took longer than expected. Fortunately, our efforts were rewarded...
with some really great smiles. 
This little girl was my favorite. 
 Ha! Her dad was pretty epic, too!
We successfully re-homed all the Breyers shortly before the Expo--and BreyerWest proper--came to a close. It was sad saying goodbye to so many friends, but happily, I didn't have to say goodbye to everyone. I still had one more full day to spend with hobby friends.

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  1. What a sweet and wonderful idea. Congrats on sticking to it until sucessful! You never know where something like this might lead to...