Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pastels, mountains

Sue's sculpting workshop wasn't the only event on Models in the Mountains' Friday schedule. Barrie Getz also led a discussion on painting with pastels.
I missed this because I was still pushing clay with Ryan, but I'm sure it was wonderful. 
The workshops lasted well into the evening.
Then, as the day drew to a close, a group of us headed out on a moonlit hike. 
We followed the same trail as last year, but it looked a lot different after nightfall. 
Fortunately, the moon was almost full, and it wasn't nearly as dark and spooky as it looks in my pictures.
The lights of Los Angeles glittered below us as we stood at the summit.
What a beautiful night!
The mountain part of Models in the Mountains is just as amazing as the model part. Thank you again, Corina, for sharing the mountains with us!

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