Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The waiting game

Models in the Mountains is more than just a live show. It's three full days of hobby awesomeness, with a strong emphasis on sharing, teaching and doing. Friday's main event was a sculpting workshop by Sue Sifton. I am a huge fan of Sue's work, so this was a must-attend for me.
Sue Sifton with Jennifer and Ryan Buxton, photo by Corina Roberts
The workshop was scheduled to start at ten. We arrived close to ten thirty, but that was still earlier than Sue! While we were waiting, everyone introduced themselves and shared their project ponies.
Here's Corina admiring Barrie's giant D'arry Jone Frank resin.
He's actually big enough to be Foalzilla's dad!
This is Judy with her equally enormous, in-progress jumper...
as well as a few other finished pieces.
So cool!
My favorite project ponies were this wonderful quartet from sculptor, Clarissa Quinn.
I love, love, love this little BLM burro and look forward to owning a couple when she's released in resin.
After a while, Corina set up a table full of Siftons.
Most of these were Breyers,
but there were also a few resins in the mix. 
We spent some time discussing and admiring these, and then--finally!--Sue arrived. She brought with her...
a whole...
of stuff...
and within minutes...
photo by Corina Roberts
the workshop was underway!

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