Friday, June 10, 2016

Sue's saddles

One of the best parts of visiting with Susan Bensema Young is getting to spend some hands on time with her tack collection. This year, I most impressed with her braided bridles and bosals, but that's not to say that her saddles weren't nifty, too.
As always, there was a nice mix of old and new. This black saddle...
and this tan saddle are both vintage TSII pieces. 
This old trophy saddle is a recent addition to Sue's collection.
It was made by Carol Williams in 1985. 
Another Carol, Carol Howard, made the only English saddle in the group. I had one similar to this way back when. Sadly, mine no longer exists.
Here's a lovely saddle by one of my favorite tackmakers of yesteryear, Margaret Teller.
Donya Langenberg made the next saddle...
but not its colorful cinch. Boy, is that bright!
Once again saving the best for last, here is my favorite of the group. 
This old time, four string saddle was made by Regine Nikolaidis. I just love it! 
Work of this caliber is such an inspiration! Thank you so much, Sue, for sharing your treasures with me.

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