Tuesday, June 21, 2016

On the road with Aviator

A small herd of horses resides in my parents' basement. Every time I visit them, I dust off a few and bring them upstairs. This year the chosen few were a bay cantering Welsh pony, a small Asian horse and an old plastic semi-rearing mustang knock-off named Aviator.
When I attended Models in the Mountains last year, I brought a couple horses and a lot of tack. This year I was a lot less organized. I didn't bring anything from Colorado, so I decided to take Aviator.
It's about thirty six miles from my parents' home in Altadena to the Chilao School in the Angeles National Forest. 
The second half of the drive is absolutely amazing. Ryan and I stopped several times to admire the view and snap some pictures.
Aviator was included in these photography sessions. 
He looks pretty good for a forty year old (at least!) Hong Kong import! 
Almost before we knew it, we reached Chilao Road...
and the Chilao School and Campground. 
Corina's beautiful Winnie met us at the door.
What a welcome! I just love this dog.
Aviator didn't have much presence at MIM, but he did hitch a ride in my carry-on on the flight back to Colorado.
Now he's hanging out on top of the printer with a few other California souvenirs.
It's been fun traveling with Aviator this week, and I am glad to welcome him into my Colorado herd.


  1. Where is your little blue horse from? I have an orange one a lot like it (although like you, he's "somewhere at my mum's house") but I'm over in the UK so surprised to see one across the pond!

  2. I honestly have no recollection of where that one came from, but since it was at my parents' house, I'm sure it's at least thirty years old.

    1. Mine was from a bric-a-brac stall so I have no idea either... mystery ponies!