Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The year of the horse(s)

2014 was the Year of the Horse, and when the year began, I thought that horse was going to be Mystyc.
I was wrong.
Despite my best efforts...
Mystyc and I never really came together as a team.  
We had some good times...
but I wasn't heartbroken when she moved to a new home in Nebraska.
Since she left, I've come to realize that the Year of the Horse wasn't actually the year of Mystyc.  In fact, she was just one of many horses I rode this year.
These included some old friends,
some horses who belonged to old friends,
and one celebrity horse.
Matt the Cowpony
I did passage on a Lipizzan,
The Kidd
rode sidesaddle on a Fjord,
dabbled in horse yoga,
Currently, I am splitting my riding time between three good horses:  Santana,
and Bob.
It turns out that the Year of the Horse wasn't really the Year of the Horse at all.  2014 was the Year of the Horses, and it's been a wonderful ride!


  1. If you lived closer to Peyton I'd let you ride my mare! You still at Kenlyn Arabs? Such nice ponies there!

  2. Yes, I'm still at Kenlyn. I love it there! If I was a little further south, I would *love* to ride Dani. She looks like such a sweet little mare. <3

  3. Looks like part of 2014 was Fjun with Fjords.

  4. so amazing that you've got so many neat horses around for you to ride!!