Monday, December 22, 2014

Post parade

After the conclusion of last weekend's Christmas Carriage Parade, Carol, James and I decided that our day would not be complete until we had actually touched a horse.  The pony ride ponies were busy...
so we drifted across the parking lot to a small cluster of horses and trailers. 
Santa's team was there for the petting... 
along with this nice team of grey Percherons. 
They were friendly... 
so we took turns... 
taking pictures of one another. 
James' face says this is one picture too many. 
Another trailer had three black Percherons tied to it. 
(Never pass up a chance to take reference photos!) 
The blacks were bigger...
and pushier than the greys.
At first James was a little intimidated...
 but not for long!
I enjoyed the post parade horse petting almost as much as the parade itself.  What a fun way to spend a day!


  1. Such fun :-) I so hope I can go watch the parade again one year!

  2. lol your son is my hero - he's so natural with those big guys!

    1. He really doesn't have any fear of horses AT ALL. The handlers cautioned him belatedly to stay away from one of the black Percherons because "he bites." James told them, "He's not biting. It's just lips" which was true, but still... Kid has no fear.