Sunday, December 7, 2014

December Donkey Delight

Yesterday, James and I attended the December Donkey Delight at Longhopes Donkey Shelter in Bennett, Colorado.
This donkey filled event was one of the best Christmas parties I've ever attended.  The fifteen dollar admission fee included photos with Santa Donkey.
Her real name is Mercedes. 
These were taken by the Longhopes photographer and printed while we waited!
There were lots of good things to eat...
and all kinds of donkey themed activities. 
We decorated donkey cookies. 
This is mine... 
and this is James'. 
For some reason, cookie decorating always brings out the silly in the Buxton men! 
There was also a craft table. 
James made a donkey... 
which turned out a lot better than his cookie. 
While all this was going on inside, Guinness... 
and Candy were providing guests with tours of the parking lot. 
I never pass up a chance for reference photos! 
James and I  rode in Candy's cart. 
"Thanks, Candy.  That was fun." 
Of course, the best part of any trip to Longhopes is walking through the pastures and meeting the donkeys.
We did that, too, and those pictures will be in the next post!


  1. That looks like so much fun! Looking forward to see more donkey pictures! :)

  2. There's just something about something so small and fuzzy wearing a harness and bells that makes me squee. Haha. I just cannot get enough of those EARS!

  3. Did you Bray all the way?

  4. Impulsively taking harness reference pictures just makes me smile. Thanks for sharing.

  5. oh what fun!! the santa donkey is too sweet :)