Friday, December 12, 2014

Sully's story

Longhopes Donkey Shelter is, first and foremost, a rescue.  A lot of the donkeys living there have been neglected and abused, but none more so than Sully.  This is his story.
Prior to his arrival at Longhopes, Sully had not seen a farrier in more than ten years.  
His front hooves were twenty seven inches long and had curled back into his cannon bones.
It took farrier, Ross Keller, an hour and a half to give Sully his first trim.  
Sully's hooves are on display in the tack room at Longhopes.  They are a sad monument to the cruelty of people.
James always smiles for photos, but he made a point of telling me that he couldn't smile for this one.  
When I first met Sully back in May, he was living in the hospital ward.
Now he's graduated to the general population.
Despite his past, Sully is a very sweet and loving donkey.   
He still has some orthopedic and hoof issues, but he gets around okay.
In fact, he  followed James all over the pasture last Saturday.
Such a sweet boy!
We love Sully and we love Longhopes
If you would like to help Longhopes help more donkeys like Sully, please visit their donation page.  Every little bit helps!


  1. Poor buddy. Glad he found such a great place.

  2. What a sad story :-( But I'm glad it has a happy ending! I've seen foundered hooves before that looked like the rockers on a rocking chair but these are beyond belief :-( Poor Sully!

  3. sad monument indeed. glad he's in a safe home now

  4. Just... HOW. HOW could anyone do that to an animal???!? I know it happens (and much worse) every day but hoof neglect is just so obvious. Poor, sweet little fellow. It's incredible how they will still trust humans. I'm glad he made such friends with James. He is his mama's boy, for sure. :)

  5. Wow. I can't believe there are people out there who would allow an animal to suffer lime that. I'm glad he's doing better. James looks so sad in that picture. It looks like he's got a heart of gold. I hope he always has a soft spot for animals.

    1. It's impossible not to be sad when you're holding one of Sully's hooves. They're surprisingly heavy and so very long. It's hard to believe he was able to get around with his feet in that condition.

  6. It breaks my heart thinking how some people abuse innocent animals. So glad Sully got rescued.

  7. By the way, I think Breyer should make a model of Sully. If you agree, please let them know!

  8. Definitely teared up reading this one and seeing those pictures. I'm so glad Sully is somewhere safe now.

  9. This breaks my heart. It's amazing they were able to save him at all. Sounds like a wonderful place.

  10. A mean girl in my class thought that it was funny! So sad)-: