Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 model year in review

I bought just one model in all of 2014.
Despite that, this was a really good year for me on the collection front.  Here's a look back at the Braymere class of 2014, starting with the resins and customs.  

The first new arrival was Donkeh Waffles, who was a gift from Erin Corbett. 
She was followed by Poker Face, who came to me via a trade.
and Spring Fever arrived together, in what was perhaps the most epic Purdy box of all time.
and Upwey Brass were part of another epic box, this time from Margaret Balch.
All the 2014 models are worthy of favorite status, but none more so than Snickers.  Thank you so much to Tiffany Purdy for bringing my old friend back to life! 
2014 was also a Breyer filled year.  In addition to working for Breyer, I also added five gift Breyers to my collection.  The first was this Clydesdale, who was part of Erin's Big Easy Bash winnings.
Bensema was a gift from Susan Bensema Young,
Hasta B Shasta was part of Snickers' entourage...
and Regifted came from Margaret by way of Tiffany.
Finally, the year ended as it began, with a gift donkey from Erin.
I may have bought just one horse, but this was an excellent year, filled with beautiful models and the most amazing model horse friendships.  Thanks everyone!


  1. You deserve everything and more! Here's to an even better 2015

  2. Tiffany is right; let's have a great 2015! But you made out like a bandit, if I say so. I love that Regifted appy.