Monday, December 1, 2014

Costume pony

As much as I love fun costumes, they don't usually show as well as their more serious, historic and native counterparts.  
There's nothing especially fanciful... 
about my new Native American costume...
but it still scores a ten on the cute meter. 
This set was created by two talented hobby artists, Shannon Granger...
 and Tiffany Purdy.
I really love that it features a child rider.  So perfect for my little Snickers pony! 
Thanks for the amazing costume, Tiffany.  I can't wait to show it at NAN!


  1. *Sigh* I remember seeing this at Karen Zorn's Halloween show and it was amazing! I'm *still* super happy that I got to see Snickers at the show, along all of Tiffany's awesome tack and props (I'm going to assume that most of the tack was by you...) Lol, I took lots of pictures!

    1. Tiffany is an equal opportunity collector who singlehandedly keeps a number of tackmakers in business. You probably saw a few of my English saddles, but I'm sure other artists were represented as well!