Thursday, December 4, 2014

Siason Stables in 2012

I rode at Siason Stables in Duarte, California for nine memorable months, starting in the fall of 1983 and ending the following June.  
Nearly thirty years later, my kids and I went back for a visit. 
So much looked exactly as I remembered it--the barns,
the wash racks, 
and the communal tack room on the hill. 
Of course, some things had changed.  The arena was bigger and no longer included a tree, and someone had built a pretty nifty mounting block...
Most notably, there was a lot more stabling.
This area used to be empty.  Now it contains a sea of stalls. 
Horses, horses, everywhere! 
And still no people, except for us.
On our way home, I showed the kids some of our favorite riding destinations.  This is the opening to the river wash...
and this is the street...
that took us to 7-11 where we'd buy Slurpees and candy.  That spot where Ryan's standing is where I'd hold the horses while Laura shopped. 
So many good memories!  I really loved riding at Siason, and I hope that some of those horses belong to two horse crazy girls like Laura and me.


  1. very cool that it's still there (even if it's still kind of a ghost town)

  2. I was really pleased that it was still there. Land is so expensive in Southern California. A lot of the stables I remember from my youth have long since disappeared to make way for housing.

    And hopefully it's not a ghost town all the time! There were so many horses there. Surely, some of their owners like to ride!