Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Glyn Haven dogs

It's somewhat ironic that a show called Glyn Haven's Autumn Horse Faire had nearly as many classes for dogs as it did for horses.  Not that I'm complaining, mind you.  In truth I greatly enjoyed the dog classes!

The Performance division was first.  Although I hadn't really prepared any entries ahead of time, that didn't stop me from borrowing a few dolls and entering Mitzi,
and Jackie in the Obedience/Rally class.
Mitzi placed first, so she was promoted to the number one Braymere performance dog position.
Her next entry was in the Agility class.  She placed second...
behind Tucker.
Her third and final appearance came in the Scene/Non-competitive Activity class.  She is shown waiting for her handler during a hiking potty stop.  This earned her another red ribbon.
The winner of that class was another one of my dogs, Roz.  You might remember her from this post.
All the first and second place performance dogs returned to the judging table for division callbacks.  In the end, Mitzi won the Championship with Roz in Reserve.  Hurray!
Conformation classes were next.  This is the Herding Group (my favorite!)... 
and this is the Non-Sporting Group...
and the Terrier Group.
My Raleigh was first in the Working Group,
and Apollo was third in the Hounds.
These are the hounds who beat him.
Abbie won the mixed breed class.
This is the callback table for the Conformation Division championship.  Top honors went to the Italian Greyhound and the Lhasa Apso.
The third and final division was Workmanship.  This included a classes for Original Scupltures, Custom Chinas, Simple Customs...
and Drastic Customs.
The division champion was Koa the Lhaso with Abbie in Reserve.
Finally it was time for the Best in Show judge-off.  Top honors went to Sinhuet Material Girl owned by Nancy Hunt.
Reserve Best in show was Koa owned by Macy Lindsey.  Congratulations to the winners!
This was my first experience showing model dogs, but I hope it won't be my last.  Thank you, Jane, for including dog classes at the Autumn Horse Faire!


  1. What a joy to see these classes! We don't have any such dog classes here in IL. Perhaps that will be up to me, when I host a show (someday).

  2. Lovely dogs!

    I see my sister's repainted Irish Setter (blue roan tricolor).

  3. Never did figure out if you got them all named... ;)

  4. I did manage to name them all, but some of the names were really, really stupid. If I get to show them again, I won't wait to the day of the show and I promise the names will be better.

  5. What is Mitzi? I'm not very up on my model dogs, though I would still love to find various dog bodies to do up as customs of the various dogs I've had. Mitzi's body type looks fairly similar to my mom's current dog (possibly better than either the Breyer Border Collie or Australian Shepherd - which is his mixture).

    Of course, that still leaves me with 4 other mutts to find bodies for, and I think only one would be fairly easy. :)

  6. Mitzi is some kind of OF resin (with really fragile paint!). Sadly, I'm not very knowledgeable about what I own. My main model dog collection criteria is size. I like them to be true traditional scale. Anything beyond that is a bonus!

  7. The sitting red merle Aussie is a figurine manufactured by the Summit Collection. They make many realistic, cheap dog figurines, but I don't know it they're still being made. Try eBay or Amazon.

  8. Thanks, GWR! I'll have to look for them!

  9. You're welcome Caroline! They also can be found under the brand name "World of Dogs".