Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gift horses

When we first moved into our house, I set up my tackmaking shop in one corner of the basement.  With its built in work desk and shelves, it seemed like a perfect spot.  However, it wasn't long before I discovered that I didn't like working downstairs.  I missed the natural light and felt far too removed from the comings and goings of my family.  I moved my tools back upstairs, and that nice work area became a kind of hobby catch-all.
Recently, Seth and Ryan asked if they could use a little bit of that space to build RC airplanes.  

This seems like a reasonable request, so I am finally going to get rid of some of these horses.  As I've mentioned before, I'm not opposed to giving some of them away.  However, before anyone gets too excited, this is not a free for all.  There are some definite rules.

First off, free is a relative term.  I don't need payment for any of these horses, but I would like to have my postage costs reimbursed.  That could run as high as ten dollars per model in the United States.  International will be more.

Also, not everything you see in my pictures is available.
Nice old resins and customs--not available. 
 Members of my original carpet herd--not available.
Original finish models that are worth more than twenty dollars--not available.
Cute little kitties and donkeys--also, not available! 
On the other hand, conformationally challenged regular run Breyers, 
horses with bent legs, bad seems and missing body parts, 
ear tip rubs...
 and body rubs are definitely available!
In other words, if you're looking for a show horse don't expect to find it here.  This giveaway is all about play horses and remake fodder.
If you are still interested, please send me an email at telling me a little bit about yourself.--your name, address, age (if you're a kid), how long you've been collecting, what kind of horses you like best...  that sort of thing.  Also, unless you want the headless Classic Arab stallion, I am not taking requests for specific models.  Within reason, I will do my best to send each and every person a model that they will like.  Depending on the response, it may take me several weeks to get all the free models shipped.  Please do not send repeated emails asking when yours is going to arrive.  Remember--this is supposed to be a fun way for me to get rid of my excess horses.  If it starts to feel like a job, I'm going to opt for Plan B and list them all individually on MH$P.


  1. I WANT THOSE PS's!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
    I just sent you an E-mail concerning this, can't wait to hear from you!

  2. I also sent you a email
    Who is that roan next to the cigar in the 3rd picture? He has the cutest grumpy face :)

  3. Lots of people want free ponies! I am really enjoying all the email, but I do need to remind everyone to read this post carefully. Most of the models in the pictures are NOT available. Not the resins, not the customs and not those nice PS ISHes. I cannot stress enough that this really is a customizing/play model giveaway. I may be nice, but I'm not nice enough to give away expensive models.

    Danielle--Are you referring to the bay horse with the grumpy ears and lots of mane? That's an older Cindy Evan custom made from the Misty's Twilight (body) and Pacer (head). Although I rarely show her, I'm quite fond of her. She's definitely NOT available!


  4. I saw the post and knew it wasn't available but I have a soft spot for grumpy faces and thought she was precious and wanted to know more about her. :)

  5. You didn't tell me the boys were getting into RC airplanes! The hubby MUST meet up with them, he's spending the weekend at an RC fly in :) (But coming home to sleep tonight as the 6 man tent is too hot and it's too dusty out there.)

    Seriously, the boys would love the garage - there's at least 4 planes hanging in there. :D Jase is child friendly and would no doubt get along well with Seth too.

    No need for free horses here, the first one I got was irked that I did not show up with halter or snacks in hand when I checked on him today :D

  6. Ha! I already told Ryan that he needs to hang out with your husband! So far this is mostly a Ryan and Seth thing. They've been having a lot of fun building/flying/crashing/rebuilding a helicopter that Seth found on Craigs List. Not sure how long they'll stay with it, but right now Ryan is at the fully obsessed twelve year old boy stage!

  7. I have also sent you an email :3

    Do you have a picture of all the models available?


  8. Hi jen! I sent you an email, and if i can afford the postage, is the dark model in the seventh pic, behind the clydesdale available? thanks!

  9. Hi Molly and Rachel. I did get your emails, but I want to remind you that there is no master list of available models. This is not a sale, so no one gets to choose which horse they get. None of the free horses are show horses. They're all old and common and most have minor to major condition issues. If you are a serious collector and shower, this is probably not the giveaway for you.

  10. Hi Jennifer! I sent you an email. Hope you got it! C:

  11. Is the Zenyatta avabile? I hate to bug you about her but I have been wanting her for quite a while.

  12. It's not a Zenyatta. It's a Seattle Slew. I'd be willing to part with him but not for free. He's worth more than that.

  13. I sent you an email, did you get it?:) My email's been having problems with my email not sending stuff lately, so I just wanted to make sure.

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