Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Glyn Haven performance

It's fair to say that the performance classes at Glyn Haven's Autumn Horse Faire were not most competitive I've ever judged.  Still, this was an absolutely delightful division filled with fun tack,
and abundant good humor.
One of the most enjoyable parts of my day was  watching Teresa go "old school" with her Stock Horse Stallion, Bronze. 
I was a little dubious when she first brought this horse to the table...
but her entries with him were uniformly interesting and well documented.
Other contenders in the English division included Regan's Nas Sombras...
and Vaguely Familiar...
and Teresa's Mindless Self Indulgence.
Athough Bronze tried his best...
the English division title went to his more modern stablemate...
with Nas Sombras taking the Reserve.
Moving on to the Western division, we started with Sidesaddle Cutting...
and Sidesaddle Roping.  Ha!  Actually, these set-ups were whipped up at the last minute by Regan and Fabian when it became obvious that there were no serious entries in either class.  I was more than happy to award the effort with blue ribbons and NAN cards.
Here's Fabian's serious sidesaddle entry in the Western Pleasure class.  Like his funny entries, it also earned a blue.
When it was all said and done, Fabian had won the Judge's Trophy (for being the most improved performance shower, not for the poop),
Teresa's pony was Overall Reserve Champ, 
and Regan's best boy was the Grand Champion. 
Congratulations to everyone who participated in this most fun and happy performance division! 


  1. Still mad I left that western saddle at home for Bronze to wear... c'est la vie of course!

  2. Thank you for judging and putting up with all my disorganization. Of course it doesn't hurt that my holy grail horse did well, either!

  3. Why is the man riding sidesaddle? Is there a story behind it?

  4. That first saddle is somethinf else!! Beautiul horses as always! :D

  5. Teresa--Once I got over the shock, I really enjoyed seeing him on the table. Inspires me to try performance with old Snow Leopard!

    Regan--I didn't notice you being particularly disorganized. As far as I was concerned, your entries made it on to the table in a reasonable amount of time, and most of them were very nice. Nas Sombras looks great in tack!

    Allie--Fabian is a man who rides Sidesaddle so...

    Winne--The first saddle was made by British tackmaker Keren Gilfoyle-McGroarty. It's owned by Carra McClelland and was proxy shown by Teresa.


  6. Thanks for the info on the saddle Jennifer!!

  7. just a question, did i show the Fjord in western pleasure??
    any suggestions on him??