Monday, September 24, 2012

Glyn Haven's Autumn Horse Faire

Glyn Haven's Autumn Horse Faire, held September 22nd and September 29 at the Parker Senior Center in Parker, Colorado, represents my friend Jane Schneider's first outing as a show holder.  Despite that, last Saturday's installment was one of the nicest, most organized model horse events I've ever had the pleasure of attending.

Everything about this show felt special--from the exhibitor swag bags and programs...
to the extremely organized judges' packets!
Not surprisingly, the prizes were also first rate.  Sectional champions were certificates, neck sashes (green for champions, rust for reserve) and glass cups filled with candy.
Overall champions received fancier neck sashes and absolutely lovely pony pouches which were sewn by Jane.
Additionally, each judge was given a special trophy to award to their favorite entry of the day, irrespective of placings. 
As usual, I brought too many horses...  
Make that way too many horses!
I probably could have made them fit on one table, but fortunately, I didn't have to.  For reasons I do not comprehend, this show was not a sell out.  There were several empty tables in the show hall, and I was allowed to commandeer one of them for my customs and foals.
The day's schedule included a dog show with three divisions (performance, conformation and workmanship) which was judged by Jane's daughter, Marianne.  Jennifer Scott judged the Resin Halter, Custom Halter and Resin and Custom Workmanship divisions, and I judged Performance.
In addition to the regular competition, there were also a number of "fun" classes which were held over the lunch break.  There were three entries in the Sentimental Favorite class.  This was mine.
this was Regan's...
 (more of Regan's!)...
and this was Teresa's. 
 Other fun classes featured baked goods, fantasy creatures,
cows, cats, 
and wildlife!
The raffle was also surprisingly wonderful.  
I'll be honest--I'm not usually one for raffles.  At this stage in my life, I'm pretty picky about what I want to own, and it's unusual for me to be tempted by the offerings.
This particular raffle, however, so many lovely, handmade items.  I bought a bunch of tickets and somehow managed to win nearly everything I wanted, including some of Jane's pony pouches... 
and JerryLynn Rice's awesome arena diorama.
It's worth noting that there were a few things I didn't win.  I "let" Fabian have the Sandicast Quarter Horse...
and I split the home made horse treats with Teresa and Marianne.
Despite the low shower turnout, this was an outstanding show.  I hope it will become a regular fixture on the Colorado live show calendar!


  1. So what was in the entrant swag bags? When I host shows I usually just have a few doorprizes, but I'm always looking for new things to do, and Those bags are cute!

  2. Jane did SUCH a good job as a first time show holder, really excellent. I'll be back next weekend (plastic halter and a bunch of mini divisions) with more raffle money for pony pouches and Flick treats :D

    Cuz those pony pouches are just too damn awesome and Flick gave four shoes up for the treats.

    Valerie - candy, a pencil, hand sanitizer, a notepad, pennies for voting in the fun classes and a small packet of tissues, with their own themed tissue cover!

  3. Oh, Teresa, I am so glad you were able to field Valerie's question! In addition to the entrant swag, I was fortunate enough to receive judge swag, raffle swag and prize swag. I kind of lost track of what came from where except that all of it was EXCELLENT! O.o My kids think Jane should hold a show every weekend so I can keep coming home with several pounds of chocolate! Trillium also gave the treat a big hooves up. Darcy was sad that she didn't get anything so she ate the kleenex and the wooded buttons off two of the pony pouches.

  4. What an awesome show holder! So many great ideas and what awesome awards and donations!

    Sounds like an awesome show and I love the award station! Congrats on the wins!

  5. I must say that the notepad came in VERY handy for writing notes when I was completely unprepared on Saturday.

    It was a GREAT show and all Jane's hard work really shown through.

  6. Wow! Looks like a very nice show! Wish I could have been there! ;)